How to fake bigger lips step by step

Hey guys.

Today I have another video tutorial for you dedicated to one of the most feminine body parts namely- the LIPS. As you can see from the photo below I have naturally very thin lips. While I was younger I always dreamed of having bigger and fuller lips. Nowadays, thanks to the make-up and a trick I recently learned, I can achieve that. 
If you are curious how I do it, watch my video tutorial.

I am aware that the video is in Bulgarian, so here are briefly the most important steps:

 -choose a lipstick and a lip pencil in the same (or at least very similar) colour (actually, it is good if your lip liner is one shade darker than your lipstick)

-start over lining the inner half of your lips and go above your natural lip line

- going to the outside corner of your lips try to meet your natural lip line

- fill in your lips with the lip liner 

-put on a mate lipstick

Which is your favourite technique for over lining your lips?
Днес съм ви подготвила нов видео урок, посветен на една от най-изразителните части от женското лице, а именно- устните. 
Наскоро научих този малък трик и нямаше как да не го споделя с вас.
 Надявам се на вас също да ви е от полза.

А кой е вашият любим метод за подчертаване на устните?
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